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Watch Me Grow Baby Program

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Watch Me Grow Baby Program ...Baby's 1st Year

HHG Photography's "Watch Me Grow" Baby Program is the perfect way to create a memorable first year of your new baby's life with professional photographs and receive a FREE Gift!

You pay the regular $50 Session fee for your baby's Newborn, 4, and 8 month sessions and the 12 month session is FREE! After the 12 month session, pick one special photograph from each of the 4 Sessions and HHG will frame them in a beautiful four panel frame to take home, again absolutely *FREE!

What better way to watch your baby grow than with professional photographs from the "Watch Me Grow" Program at HHG Photography?




Newborn, $50 Session Fee

4 Months, $50 Session Fee

8 Months, $50 Session Fee

12 Months, FREE Session Fee, *FREE Panel Frame with one of each Newborn, 4, 8, & 12 4x5 Month Print of your choice.

*Minimum $99 Package Purchase per session for FREE Gift.

Beyond Baby Program...for your Toddler to Preschooler

HHG's Watch Me Grow Baby Program has been so popular that we have added another program to continue your baby's professional portraits through their 4th birthday. With the "Beyond Baby" Program, we will photograph your baby on their 18 Month, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Birthdays. The program's structure is very similar to the "Watch Me Grow" program in that you pay the regular $50 Session fee for your baby's 18 Month, 2nd Birthday, 3rd Birthday, and your child's 4th Birthday Session is FREE! After the 4th Birthday Session*, you will receive a DVD Slide Show including ALL your child's preview images from Watch Me Grow and Beyond Baby sessions Newborn through their 4th Birthday Session. What an emotional Slideshow to watch...your baby's professional images over four years!




18 Month, $50 Session Fee

2nd Birthday, $50 Session Fee

3rd Birthday, $50 Session Fee

4th Birthday, FREE Session Fee

*Minimum $99 Package Purchase per session for FREE Gift.

A $150 Gift Certificate is a great way for friends and family members to give one of these programs as a gift, and then ALL your session fees will be FREE!

Please call us if you have any questions about our Baby through Preschool Programs, 859-987-6435.